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SO performing ! is contributing to the success of the following companies in Europe, Middle-East and Africa:



  • Ni2 – helps Service Providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver, support, and monetize their service offerings. To achieve this, Ni2 provide them an innovative and unique Cross-domain Service & Resource Lifecycle and Inventory Management solution delivering Operational Support System (OSS), It service Management (ITSM), and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities on ONE platform. For more information regarding Ni2: www.ni2.com
  • BriteSoft BriteSoft’s extensive experiences in the telecom sector have culminated in a unique and powerful suitBriteBillinge of products called. The wholly integrated BriteBilling suite consists of four major products (BriteConnect – Interconnect Billing and Reconciliation; BriteAccount – Invoicing, Accounting and Dispute Management; Trading of International Traffic / Minutes; Optimal Routing and Network Monitoring). For more information regarding BriteSoft: www.britesoftcorp.com
  • Etiya Etiya is the leading Independent Software Vendor providing comprehensive Telco CRM, Catalog-Driven B/OSS, Social CRM, and Big Data Analytics to Communication & Digital Service Providers. With its award-winning innovative products, rapid deployments, and end-to-end implementation capabilities, Etiya provides the most complete offer in the market. For more Information regarding Etiya: www.etiya.com



  • Range Networks –Range Networks is bringing an Internet vision to mobile networks with its software-defined multiprotocol IP wireless platform, which promises to enable rapid innovation in mobile telecom services, support new types of networks for the enterprise and the Internet of Things, create new markets for existing operators as well as new market entrants, and attract new capital at all layers of the wireless market. For more information regarding Range Networks: www.rangenetworks.com


  • Globaltel – Created in 2007 in the sector of fix and mobile telephony, Globaltel acquired a license to operate a mobile network in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in 2012. Globaltel successfully deployed Range Networks technology and was able to quickly grow and get substantial market share against the incumbent operator.

    Based on this experience, Globaltel is providing hardware and integration services around Range Networks technology. For more information regarding Globaltel: www.globaltel-spm.com/bts-nouvelle-generation/



  • Airvantage Airvantage Prepaid Airtime Advance System (“PAS”) offers Network Operators airtime, data and mobile money credit services: the ability to advance airtime, data or mobile money to subscribers on credit. Through their experience in credit extension and collection, they have developed proprietary profiling and a dynamic rules engine that allows for flexible lending, avoids revenue losses and ensures ongoing customer loyalty. For more information regarding Airvantage: www.airvantage.com


  • Pryvate Now – Pryvate™ is a recently launched end-to-end encryption app which secures all of your daily digital communications including voice calls, video calls, instant messaging/chat and email. It is currently the strongest encryption software on the market, and is being used by companies and individuals across the UK to ensure that communications are not exposed to potential security threats, such as hacking or the leaking of sensitive information. For more information regarding Pryvate Now: www.pryvatenow.com



  • RPD -  Innovation, design and manufacturing firm with a global operation over  40 countries. RPD offers end-to-end services from R&D to production and logistics. Minimal resource is required from the client shrinking corporate R&D and manufacturing times by as much as 75%. RPD has an impressive track of records in developping and manufacturing connected objects for large and small corporation and also for Mobile Network Operator. For more information regarding RPD: www.rpdintl.com
  • GNS (Global Net Solutions)  Global Net Solutions is a California based company, specialized in Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) Development and design, as well as related Telecommunication services since 2005. GNS is a leader, a pioneer as well as an early adaptor of LoRa Technology since 2014. 
    Our solution is the world’s first multi- sensor BLE beacon that combines multiple data sensors with RFID technology to power a wide variety of IoT applications. For more information regarding GNS :  www.global-net-solutions.com



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