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SO performing ! is contributing to the success of the following companies in Europe, Middle-East and Africa:



  • Ni2 – helps Service Providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver, support, and monetize their service offerings. To achieve this, Ni2 provide them an innovative and unique Cross-domain Service & Resource Lifecycle and Inventory Management solution delivering Operational Support System (OSS), It service Management (ITSM), and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities on ONE platform. For more information regarding Ni2: www.ni2.com
  • BriteSoft BriteSoft’s extensive experiences in the telecom sector have culminated in a unique and powerful suitBriteBillinge of products called. The wholly integrated BriteBilling suite consists of four major products (BriteConnect – Interconnect Billing and Reconciliation; BriteAccount – Invoicing, Accounting and Dispute Management; Trading of International Traffic / Minutes; Optimal Routing and Network Monitoring). For more information regarding BriteSoft: www.britesoftcorp.com

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